Nathan Hammond Guest Stars On Drunk N Disorderly

Nathan Hammond On Drunk N Disorderly

Yesterday (2/18/2020) I had a great time as the special guest on the Drunk N Disorderly podcast. I’ve got the YouTube video embedded above, to try to give them some more YouTube love and subscribers, but the podcast is most popular via Facebook. The Drunk N Disorderly podcast is a highly Libertarian leaning podcast and all the core group plays some role within the Libertarian Party. There’s also plenty of drinking and shenanigans in general, with a really fun crowd.


Talking Webcam Startup and the Adult Industry

Outside of just shooting the shit (it’s a really laid back show) I broke down Webcam Startup, what we’re doing and we talked adult industry in general. Prior to jumping in this show, I wasn’t aware that there was actually a camming model as the host, so it was cool having someone on board who had a solid understanding of the industry.


Where To Find The Podcast Episode

Here are all the places where you can find the podcast episode:


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Drunk N Disorderly Website Coming Soon!

In addition to guest starring on their podcast, we also talked WordPress development after the show and I’m gonna be helping them build the Drunk N Disorderly Media Website. Currently (as of writing this) it’s just a placeholder WordPress site, but next week we’re gonna be collaborating on retheming, getting the main pages down, navigation and I’m gonna give them the WordPress and SEO 101. Looking forward to helping them out on this new project!