My Current Projects

Here you will find a list of my current projects. If I do ever take on client work again, I might list client projects as well, but currently all of these are in-house projects.


Webcam Startup

Webcam Startup – Camming Resource Site

The main project I’m currently involved in (as well as my rockstar partner Aerie Saunders – Warning! Like is NSFW!) is Webcam Startup. Webcam Startup is a resource site geared towards all things camming and the indie part of the adult industry. The majority of our content and focus is geared towards the performers, but we also cater towards affiliates, webmasters and site operators as well. Content covers all things camming, clip production, PSO and other services that can be offered within the adult industry.


Camland Podcast

Camland Podcast – Adult Industry News / Podcast

The Camland Podcast originally was created as part of Webcam Startup, but grew to the point of it making sense to make it a standalone project. Originally, both the podcast and all the newsworthy stuff was posted to Webcam Startup instead of Camland Podcast. When we migrated the actual podcast to Camland Podcast, we also decided to start posting all the newsworthy stuff there as well, and keep Webcam Startup completely resource-focused. Camland Podcast is operated by the same team running Webcam Startup.


Durango Music

Durango Music – Local Concerts, Bands and Venues

Durango Music was the first of several proposed ventures to gain traction with interested parties as part of my in-house effort to provide employment to those within the Four Corners region who were impacted by Covid-19 . The project is two-fold: Provide some direct jobs through staffing, while also trying to provide some form of relief or value (hopefully monetized) to the music community, including both bands and venues. Durango Music is the 1-stop shop for local music. Events, bios, information and so much more.


Inactive Projects

These are projects that have either been sunset, or are in proof-of-concept. These projects are not currently being actively supported


Durango Hemp

Durango Hemp – Local Hemp Resource Site

Durango Hemp is a site I developed while I was involved in a local hemp cultivation operation. Unfortunately, I had to bow out of the hemp grow due to some very major and heavy family issues. With me bowing out of the grow, I also sunset this entire site and operation. It was my dream to be able to start brokering seeds and products, as well as cultivating, and put together other solutions to farmers, manufacturers and other professionals within the local hemp industry.

If Anyone Has Any Interest In This Site / Venture: Definitely reach out to me and I’d love to talk. I’d be willing to either sell it, or partner up with anyone within the hemp industry who can come up with some good ways to leverage the site and venture. Comes with some warmed up social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube complete with two podcast episodes).