My Skill Sets / Services



Woodworking / Fabrication:

I’ve got the complete woodworking setup, limited only by a handful of items and most of them are insanely niche to begin with. Here’s all my current woodworking capabilities:

Cutting / Ripping:

  • Table Saw
  • Miter Saw x2
  • Reciprocating saws (Multiple – Corded and Cordless)
  • Circular Saws (Multiple – Corded and Cordless)
  • Bandsaws (Multiple)
  • Jigsaw
  • Abrasive sanders and grinders


Drilling / Boring:

  • Drill Press
  • Mortiser Press
  • Handheld Drills / Impact Drivers (Corded / Uncorded)


Primary Skills:


Web Development

I’ve worked with a number of CMS, ranging from WordPress to SocialEngine. I only do CMS development. There’s no sense in re-inventing the wheel by coding anything from the ground up. WordPress is my CMS of choice, and I love the fact that it’s really easy to hand over a WordPress site to anybody else, after doing the initial design and construction. For a small sample list (doesn’t list former client projects), check out my¬†Projects Page.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I’ve worked as in in-house SEO, managed clients on behalf of an agency, freelanced my own SEO services and rocked SEO on my own projects (see project page for examples). In addition to providing SEO services (both onsite and offsite) for websites, I’ve also worked to make an IDX (Internet Data Exchange) platform more search engine friendly, which was a very unique and interesting task. IDX is used by real estate companies and websites to make MLS data echo out on the website / web pages.


Email Marketing

I am proficient in all the various email marketing platforms, and have worked in basically all the main ones. In addition to being able to navigate them, I have also built multiple evergreen email drip campaigns that have outperformed open, click and conversion rates when compared to the industry benchmarks for the verticals I was working in. My two favorite email marketing suites are:

I’ve got affiliate agreements with both those companies, and if you happen to sign up for either platform through my referral link, please reach out to me. As a token of appreciation, I’ll help you integrate, if need-be, and also take a look at your other marketing efforts and see if I can give my two cents on anything.


Affiliate Marketing

I’ve completely ditched client work for affiliate marketing, due to the fact that affiliate marketing creates a residual income instead of per-hourly / per-project. Also, with affiliate marketing, I’m able to run the projects my own way, instead of per specifications of clients. The majority of my affiliate marketing is currently being done within the adult industry, due to that being my main vertical. Basically all other projects / sites have been sunset and either removed or left as legacy projects and are no longer supported. Outside of the public affiliate programs available, I’ve also got multiple exclusive deals with companies not running public affiliate programs.


I Am *NOT* A Graphic Designer

I hate graphic design. Passionately. I am not sufficient in Adobe Creative Suites or any other applicable program. If I do collaborate on any projects, all visual assets will have to be provided or sourced to a different person. Many people get the misconception that web development or any other services also include design work. That may be true with other solution-providers, but that is not the case for me.


What Projects I’m Interested In

First; the answer is probably ‘no’ before you even pitch me. That being said, here’s what I’m interested in:

  • Something innovative and unique.
  • Something in a vertical that interests me.
  • Bonus points for being West Slope Colorado.
  • Bonus points if I personally know you.
  • Projects where I can do something that will have a lifelong impact without me being a cog in the wheel.

If you meet the above criteria, reach out to me and let’s talk. I love enabling people, but I’m not a soulless solution-provider.