About Nathan Hammond

Nate Hammond - Crystal on the Grand CanyonAbout Nathan Hammond

Nathan Hammond is a self-made entrepreneur and hardcore boater trash, born and raised in Durango, Colorado. Nathan’s current major focus is the adult industry, where him along with his badass partner Aerie Saunders are running multiple resource sites geared primarily towards performers, but also towards affiliates and site operators as well. Although Nathan owns in Dolores, Colorado, he is currently residing in Durango.


About This Site

This site is primarily a place for me to list all of my social media and web presences, provide a contact form and ways for people to get a hold of me and blog about anything I feel blog worthy. There’s also a portfolio page listing any and all of my current projects. Basically; if anyone wants to know anything about me or what I do, as well as how to connect with me, they can find all that information here.