Four Corners Covid-19 3/23/20: Denver, La Plata Shelter-In-Place, CO Non-Essential Business Scaled-Back

Polis Mandates 50% of Staff Cut From Most Businesses

Starting at 8 a.m. Tuesday non-critical Colorado employers must reduce their in-person workforces by at least 50% until at least April 10.

There are exceptions for any employer that can ensure their workers are no closer than 6 feet away from each other. A number of industries deemed “critical” are also exempt from the mandate. They include:

  • Health care
  • Infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Trash collection
  • Mail services
  • The news media
  • Hotels
  • Gas stations.
  • Medical marijuana dispensaries
  • Banks
  • Homeless shelters
  • Law enforcement and fire prevention
  • Child care


Denver Implements Shelter In Place City-Wide

The order begins Tuesday at 5 p.m. and lasts until April 10. By then, Public Health Director Bob McDonald said, city officials will be able to determine whether the spread of the virus is slowing. The order closes nonessential businesses and public places like liquor stores, recreational marijuana shops, ect. Residents to remain inside unless going to the store, doctors, hospitals and medical. Medical marijuana outlets, restaurants offering curb-side pickup and public places will remain open as long as safe distancing is practiced. The airport will also remain open.


New Mexico Governor Mandates Stay At Home

The “stay-at-home” orders go into effect at 8 a.m. Tuesday, March 24 and run until April 10. To help stop the spread, “non-essential” businesses have been issued to close and have people work remotely. Non-compliant businesses could lose their license and/or face criminal and civil charges.

“Essential businesses” is business or non-profits that falls within the following categories below:

  • Health care operations including hospitals, walk-in-care health facilities, emergency veterinary and livestock services, pharmacies, home health care workers, emergency dental facilities, nursing homes, residential health care facilities
  • Homeless shelters, food banks and places that provide care to in-need populations
  • Childcare facilities
  • Grocery stores, all food and beverage stores, supermarkets, food banks, convenience stores
  • Farms, ranches, and other food cultivation, processing or packaging operations
  • Facilities used by law enforcement, first responders, firefighters, emergency management personnel and dispatch operators
  • Infrastructure operations including, but not limited to, public works construction; commercial and residential facility construction and maintenance; airport operations; public transportation; airlines; taxis; private transportation providers; water, sewer, trash and recycling collection, processing and disposal; gas; electrical; oil drilling; oil refining; natural resources extraction or mining operations; nuclear material research and enrichment; those attendant to the repair and construction of roads and highways; solid waste collection and removal; processing and disposal; data and internet providers; data centers; and telecommunications systems
  • Manufacturing operations involved in food processing
  • Media services such as television, radio and newspaper operations
  • Gas stations, auto repair facilities
  • Hardware stores
  • Laundromats and dry cleaner services
  • Utilities, including their contractors and suppliers, engaged in power generation, fuel supply and transmission, water and wastewater supply.
  • Funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries
  • Banks, credit unions, insurance providers, payroll services, brokerage services and investment management firms
  • Real estate services, brokers, title companies and related services
  • Businesses providing mailing and shipping services which include post office boxes.
  • Laboratories and defense and national security-related operations supporting the United States government or a contractor to the United States.
  • Restaurants, but only for delivery or carry out. Local breweries or distillers, but only for carryout.
  • Professional services such as legal or accounting services but only where necessary to assist in compliance with legally mandated activities
  • Logistics and businesses that store, ship or deliver groceries, food, goods or services directly to residence or retailers.

The order advises New Mexicans to stay at home and restrict mass gatherings. A “mass gathering” is now defined as any public or private gathering that brings together five or more individuals in a single room or connected space, confined outdoor space or an open outdoor space.


1st Positive Covid-19 Case In La Plata County

La Plata County has announced the 1st positive case of Covid-19 in La Plata County. Keep in mind that testing has just started and in low numbers, so there’s a good chance that Covid has been around and there’s many current cases, many of which could have been shrugged off as a cold or flu, or went symptom-free.


San Juan County Basin Health Issues Stay At Home Advisory For La Plata / Archuleta

San Juan Basin Health has issued a stay at home for La Plata and Archuleta County. This is not a mandate. This comes s the 1st positive test comes back for La Plata.


Colorado Recreational Retail Converts To Curbside Pick-Up

Colorado governor Polis has mandated that all recreational marijuana retail shops convert to curbside pick-up. The mandate goes into effect Tuesday, March 24, and then continue to operate that way through at least April 10. Medical dispensaries can operate as usual as long as social distancing and safe spacing is observed. Medical dispensaries are also now able to apply for delivery permits.


Denver Mayor Closes All Recreational Marijuana Outlets

Mayor Michael Hancock ordered all recreational retail outlets to close by 5 p.m. March 24 and stay closed until April 10, as part of a stay-at-home order also announced. Medical marijuana dispensaries can remain open, as long as responsible distancing and safe distancing is practiced.


Arizona Man Dies After Consuming Fish Bowl Cleaner To Prevent Covid-19

An Arizona man died after he and his wife ingested chloroquine phosphate, commonly used as a fish bowl cleaner. Trump recently stated that chloroquine was showing positive signs as a possible Covid-19 cure.


Washington DC Playing Party Politics Over Covid-19 Relief Bill

I didn’t even bother reading this because it’s the same flavor of back and fourth party politics and political posturing that I would expect from the pieces of shit we have running our country. Read it if you want.