NHS Episode 1: Pilot Feat Democratic Debate, Assange / Trump, SD HB 1277

NHS Episode 1: Pilot Episode

The pilot episode of theĀ  Nate Hammond Show. a podcast that will occur whenever the fuck I feel like doing a podcast. This was totally the pilot episode, and this pilot episode was definitely very pilot episodish! Anyways, we love and respect everyone that stopped by for this shit show and promise it’ll get a lot more organized and professional as time goes on. Anyways…..Here is what was on the agenda.


2020 Vegas Democratic Debates

So, the 2020 Vegas Democratic Debates just happened. So, was actually gonna do the first pilot podcast prior to the debates, but then realized debates were tonight so had to watch that shit. There was a lot of infighting, which is to be expected, especially with Bloomberg on the stage.

As expected; it was really the progressives vs the centrists with a bunch of mud being tossed between the candidates. Such was expected, especially with such a wide field and everyone trying to stand out.

One of the key things I talked about what the fact that Amy Klobuchar (whom I’m shocked is on the debate stage) almost broke down in tears when confronted on her immigration voting record, the beef between Bloomberg and everyone else on the stage and more.


Trump Offered Assange Pardon For Downplaying Russian Interference

Another major story that was brought to my attention just today was that Assange’s lawyers alleged that Assange was offered a pardon by Trump for downplaying Russian interference in the 2020 election. I will always stand with Assange due to his unprecedented level of transparency and the leaks / information he’s brought to the public eye.

Although I will always stand with Assange due to the unprecedented amount of information he’s provided us, ranging from Cable Gate to the Global Intelligence Files, and more recently the Podesta Leaks, I feel this is damning for Trump and Trump should be held to account for these actions. I feel this is even more damning than the Ukrainian phone call and more impeachable at that.


South Dakota House Bill 1277

Okay, and now I’m getting into some of my porn shit. So South Dakota Rep. Isaac Latterell (R-Tea) would make it to where only the people who’s face is shown in “obscene content” (which we all know means porn) can get paid for all profits from it. What this means: It would be impossible for agents, studios, producers, camming sites, clip sites, ect. to hire South Dakota pornstars. It’d actually even be impossible for indie pornstars to start their own paysites, as the payment processors would be making money off the content simply by processing payments, thus non-compliant with HB 1277.


Bonus: Tupac Alive and on the Navajo Nation!?

There’s been some allegations that Tupac is alive and on the Navajo Nation. What? You’re really trying to tell me that Tupac is lying low in Window Rock!? That is some shit right there! But apparently a documentary from someone in the know is alleging as much! How the hell can Tupac really be on The Rez? If he’s alive, his ass should be drinking something tropical out of a coconut on some beach right now!